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Journal #1 - A Meeting of Minds

How does one pick up after something like that?

Alright. So I'm sitting in front of the night-hearth in the residents' dorm scribbling this down, since I have to, or I'll pop or something. There might even be bursting forth into song, and anyone that's ever heard me travel down that road should know why that's a bad idea.

I was at the waterfall pool this afternoon, trying to get rid of this beastly heat that's currently baking Ierne into one of those little pottery renditions of itself. The black sand retains heat far too well, and the Healers have warned us to drink lots of water because apparently it's all sweated out quickly or something. For some reason, to most of the Weyr this translated to 'go to the beach' or 'congregate around the klah' when they could get away from their tasks.

Ever since Keivan showed me how to keep my breath underwater, and how to float well, I love swimming. I even love diving, and I've gotten good at judging the depth of the water from the colour it has. I know the waterfall pool at Ierne's deep enough for me to dive in, but with the black sand at the bottom it's awfully difficult to see, and diving off it is a thrill every time. Falling through the haze of water is just about the best thing I can think of on hot days.

I had just emerged from my third dive – yes, okay, perhaps more than most take – when I heard a canine bark its little head off. Curious, I climbed out of the pool and made my way over to see what’s wrong. I had to blink water out of my eyes to see well enough, and by then I was definitely close enough to spot the guy lying on his stomach in the grass. I didn’t pay too much attention to him at first, just looked at the puppy. The physical bits dawned on me in small increments: lanky, tanned skin, black, curly hair kept relatively short. Something kicked at my mind, especially when I saw the colour of his hair. It looked awfully like the back of Momo's head. I stepped forward, shadow moving over him, and he turned to look up after a few moments.

I was not prepared for what turned to look up at me. Oh, it was Momo, there’s no mistaking that break in his nose, but when did he get a smile like that, or a jaw like that, or stubble? I smiled and told him he had canine-slobber all over his face. He grinned and got up, and I got the shock of my life. He was taller than me! He was really, really taller than me, five inches at least! He was like the guy that just wouldn’t stop standing up, and I ended up looking at the top of his chest. This is unfair! Why didn’t I get taller? Why did he have to shoot up like a weed, and why did his voice have to break like that? He sounded like … like… he sounded like a man, not Momo!

Well, okay, maybe it is him; I don’t know anyone else that would call me an evil wherry right off the bat, and I’m still going to get him back for that small fry comment.

Just to break the weirdness a little, I walked to get my towel and saw something very interesting when I looked back. He was like all the other people that looked at me differently, like they saw something that shocked them subtly. Why? I don’t know, I’ve known these people since the first time I had to wear breast bands and I know I didn't change much, right? Nevertheless, there the Look was with something added to it, something that I didn't understand. To cover it, I started teasing him again, this time about the little prat he was and the scruffy beard shadow, and I touched it when he offered, and that’s when I realised it.

This was not Momo. He could possibly be Molen, a person I had not really come across before. It's like those strange wooden puzzles that you turn, and suddenly there's another image there.

The bristles felt funny, prickly and strange, and they made my fingertips tingle. His jaw felt strange too, and the corner of the smile, and he was looking at me like that again, and for a moment it felt like I couldn’t breathe when I asked him for my welcome-home hug. Faranth knows I’ve bawled all over him more than once, so that would be all right, right? Just a hug? He didn’t hug me. He definitely didn’t hug me. I should have had the first clue of that when he tucked his fingers into my wet hair just below my one ear and leaned closer. My mind froze just as he brushed his nose against mine, otherwise it would probably have prompted me to do just that when he mumbled out a ‘Pleasedon’thitme’ and kissed me.

Molen kissed me, and it wasn’t some stupid mouth-to-mouth thing either. I could still remember that quite well, and it wasn’t at all the same. The angle was different, and he wasn’t faking being dead or whatever. He tasted warm, like the sun had soaked inside him, and just like that I had my first real kiss.

Augh! Okay, this is embarrassing to write.

Really, I couldn’t just let him get away with that, no matter how different it felt, or how good, especially not when I asked him why and he mumbled out something about my voice and a welcome back. I wasn't listening too closely either, I was more concerned with what it felt like when he wrapped the other arm around my waist. My knees definitely appreciated it, that's for sure. So I kissed him back, even though I'm sure I was hideous at it, and I discovered that I could blush, and that he liked looking at it, and he retaliated as well, not gently either. Um. Yes.

We argued a little, and we swam a little, and… well. Now I don’t know what to think. But it's not fair! He doesn't want to back off when I threaten him anymore!

PS: He’s gotten stronger as well. I can still feel his arm around my waist.

PPS: His eyes almost did pop out. Yes!

OOC Note: Yes, both players are over eighteen years of age. We made sure. ;)



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