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We had a fire a little bit away from Seminole the other day. It was horrible. We had to go there to cut a back-burn and I got separated from the others, and got in quite a bit later than most of the others. It was only when I got back that I heard Momo and Sarae had gotten hurt, Momo on his arm and Sarae on her hand. I felt sick with worry the entire way to the infirmary, and the healers are still angry at me for treading in soot even though I apologised. Oh well.

The upturn was that I volunteered to help in the kitchen on my rest days, since neither of them could work with their hands like that. I also volunteered to help with Aoife and Pantomime, since there’s no way Momo could handle a pregnant canine and a finicky firelizard with an arm like that. I always thought I hated canines, you know, so volunteering to take care of one was kind of a big step for me, and I only did it because someone was worried about her.

Since then though I’ve come to care for her as well. She’s a good foot-warmer, even though it’s tiring getting her up on the bed each night. I have to haul, and she has to jump… what do you expect when an animal is waist-high to me? I just wish I understood her owner a little bit better.

There are some newcomers to the Weyr as well; a girl named Sabella (whom I haven’t met yet), and a guy called Zadryn, who’s a fisherman. He seems pretty cool, and he’s easy to talk to, unlike Momo. I don’t understand why. I wish I did, but I’m confused. I didn’t even talk to anyone else about that time in the dorms, and he hasn’t kissed me once since then, but I refuse to believe he’s just one of those guys that mess around.

I even began to try and knot a bracelet like the one I have. How stupid is that? And since I still haven’t told him I wasn’t talking about bracelets, I’m still crying over this stupid thing. I really, really hate this whole situation. You wouldn’t be too happy in it either, I wager, diary. Oh well. Time to go and seize the day. Swim, walk Aoife, breakfast, copying... will someone please sort out my brain for me?




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